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Paul Did It Again

Writing: Well, I started working on the Seth violin story Friday night. It is not going to be a story about just Seth. I've realized that the story is about Seth and his parents.

Seth is very pissed off that his father stole the best scene--as usual! Hehehehehe... Sorry, Seth. Paul just has a habit of doing that.

I like this, actually. Including Paul in a story always seems to make the story better--because he is larger than life--more determined than most characters, willing and emotionally able to take greater risks. He does something extremely risky in the violin story, for example. Mark actually suggested the idea, and I just sat there and stared back at Mark because he understood my character better than I did, at that moment. Or perhaps it was simply an idea that I was not yet willing to entertain until Mark suggested it.

Heh...I wonder...If I put Paul and Aerden in a story together, who would steal the pivotal scene from whom?

Reading: In my quest to get back into reading fiction, I began to read Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood last night. It's set in a strange world, but it's very enjoyable reading, so far. I chose her Black-Jeweled Trilogy because Bishop is a writer who is new to me, and this trilogy looked interesting. The pivotal character, Jaenelle seems, to be very pivotal, almost as if she is a nexus of fate. Most magical people in Bishop's world are gifted with two magical jewels. This girl is gifted with, oh, 26. O.O The only things keeping her from being corrupted as yet, so far as I can determine, are Jaenelle's sweetness of temper and her finding of fortuitous mentors. We'll see how this proceeds.

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