Aerden (aerden) wrote,

The Original Seth

Writing: Yesterday, I was thinking that what I wanted to do, to get myself back into the groove of ttue short story writing, was to write the story of the original Seth Graves--not the one I created for SPH, but the one I created for Voldewarts.

Voldewarts Seth owned a violin just as SPH Seth did--but V Seth came from a poor family--his mother was a drug addict, and he in fact lived with foster parents until he went to Hogwarts. His violin had once belonged to his mother, who gave it to him when he showed an interest in and talent for music. I want to write the story of what Seth does when his mother asks him to give her the violin back.

Seth refuses.

I had thought that I would simply get active in Fort Weyr again and write this story in a Pernese setting. But I then asked myself why I needed to. Really, this story is what I want to write, and it doesn't need to be told on Pern; I can tell it on Earth. It doesn't even need magic, to be told. All this story needs is a violin, a mother with a drug problem, Seth's force of will, and some love.

I don't want to go into a lot of fictional adventures at the Weyr. My main reason for wanting to rejoin the club is to get back in touch with all of my friends from Fort 9, not because I really want to create a new character there. I miss my friends very much.

I wonder if Fort accepts reading members? I'm going to set the story on Earth and see what I can do with it.

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