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The Weather Overhead II

I went to my boss' office to ask her something at 5pm, and the sky outside was blue--a perfect, crystal-clear, serene blue! The trees outside were a sunlit, vibrant green, and the grass looked so velvety and lush, I practically wanted to roll in it. Wow....

I know they say, "If you don't like the weather in Houston, wait five minutes, and it'll change." But geeze! :)

I'm feeling somewhat better. I was able to breathe more normally today, without so much coughing and shortness of breath/hyperventilating. I went out to lunch with my co-workers C. and J. to Taco Cabana and had some delicious chicken fajita quesadillas. I enjoyed talking and getting to spend some time with them outside of work.

I'll be manning an information booth at a hotel near Hobby Airport on Saturday for an event hosted by the American Council for the Blind in T4exas. It'll be a way to earn some overtime pay and build up leave hours in case I need them. So far, the eye situation seems to be under control, so I'm hoping to avoid surgery until at least July, if it's needed at all. It was a bit sore yesterday, but it doesn't feel too painful today. In fact, I think much of the soreness may be due to my eyelashes sticking together from the eyedrops. Not sure on that, though.

I'm off to Amazon to look for a book on early retirement that I want to buy. After that I hope to meet with baghdaelf and possibly crackferret for a bit. Wish me luck! (g)

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