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Tuesday After Work

Passing Thoughts: Just once, I'd like to see a western in which we go into a restaurant and see someone eating spaghetti.

Have yo ever heard of anybody who ever called chit'lins chitterlings? I haven't.

The eye is starting to hurt again. Apparently four hours between prednisolone doses does the trick. *grumble*

My husband is the most wonderful man in the world.--not a passing thought, just a reminder to myself. :)

The latest Wintersilks catalog arrived in today's mail. There are some lovely items in it! *WANTS*

Nixnivis: You must check out the default icon for mutueepos. I think you might like it. (g)

Writing: Wen Spencer's post today gave me a lot to think about, regarding my own publishing goals. I'm going to rethink a few things. I like the way she thinks of developing her writing career in the long term, as opposed to simply writing each book as she gets the plot ideas.

Life: Going to lie down now.

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