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Aerden [userpic]
Naked Quidditch

My friend Marinus from Nova Roma sent me this link about a hypothetical game of Quidditch played in the buff. It is hilarious reading! And it's not slash, as far as I've read.

The pre-game, behind the scenes machinations are very much fun!

Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Current Music: Harry Potter Movie Theme - John Williams

Read the first two chapters so far.

It's Hysterical!!

Re: Naked Quidditch

I only got through Chapter 1, because I needed to do some other things. But I intend to read the whole piece, as soon as I can.

(still giggling helplessly) Poor Harry...

Re: Naked Quidditch

Looking forward to goign to work tomorrow now!! I plan to read it there.

Always good to have somethign to keep me going


Well! Hello Renata Corva. What a pleasure to find that you too have a journal. (I'm Marinus.)

Re: Naked Quidditch

Bill! Good to see you on LJ. (g) Mind if I add you to my list? The lovely and gracious Lucia Galeria Drusilla is on here, too.


Re: Naked Quidditch

No, I don't mind a bit. I've already added you to mine. What's Lucia's lj username?

Also, are you a member of the roma_antiqua group? I've found it kind of interesting, if sporadic.

Re: Naked Quidditch

No, I haven't joined roma_antiqua, but I might get around to it, eventually. Trying not to create too much of a time sink. :)

Re: Naked Quidditch

*waves* Hi.

Re: Naked Quidditch

*waves back* Gotcha. Welcome to my friends list!

Interesting. Ages ago in hp-hogwarts a character in our round robin fan fic set after graduation turned up in a Naked Co-ed Quidditch team nightshirt and littlewings04, who plays Dylan, created this and a matching set for all 4 houses.

Spooky coinsidence: she was also a member of Nova Roma!!

Re: Naked Quidditch

Wow! Small world, isn't it?

Heh heh heh

Kyle and I think this whole naked quiddich thing is hilarious. Kyle is downstairs telling Lance all about it now... I'm sure Lance is going to come up here all disturbed any second now wondering what I'm showing his son.

Re: Heh heh heh

Oh my god! I'm contributing to the corruption of Kyle! I'm so honored! (g)

The vision of Lance being disturbed by this is something I'd love to watch. (giggle)