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The mysterious butterflies of my soul feel limp and bedraggled this morning.

When Hippocrates talked about the 'crisis' phase of an illness, he wasn't kidding. If I still felt as bad as I did last night, I'd be at the doctor's office by now. I probably should be at the doctor's office, but I'm trying not to use up my sick leave. I've had three doctor's appointments since my hire date, and that's an awful lot, for me. I had expected to have 48 hours of sick leave saved up by the time my six months of probation is up, but that isn't going to happen.

It's quieter today than I expected it to be after a long weekend; I thought the phone would be ringing off the wall. I'm rather glad it's not, because I still feel wiped--wiped, but wide awake.

Ah well, that's all for now. Ciao!

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