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Memorial Day Laziness

I feel mildly like crap. Went to bed feverish and chilly last night. I enjoyed the thunderstorm, though!

Writing: I've concluded that there must be more of the Champion in me than I think--either that, or the Champion is what I most admire; not sure. I told tarlia that I thought Paul should have gotten the Outlaw result, but if I'm more honest with myself, I realize that I did intend for him to be a heroic character.

I still have not yet figured out a way to write his story. It can't go the way it did in sphogwarts. I'm really worried that I'll have to take the sage old writer's advice and 'kill my darling.' I hope the adage is not meant to be literal. There is no point in turning someone from the dark side if you cannot have him take the gift of mercy he is given and do good with it--acts as good as his previous acts were evil. Paul's story is not meant to be a tragedy; it is meant to inspire, to communicate something that both he and I powerfully believe in. So I can't just kill him off.

I have to remove him from the Potter universe, though. Given his personality, he would never realistically be accepted as a Death-Eater, even if he proved himself; there would always be doubt. I did him all wrong in SPH, and now I have to go back and repair the damage.

Lilith, however, is absolutely necessary--or else Megan is. Something has to light off the spark and help him keep the spark lit, to enable him to break free.

The Teacher Don't Need No Education: Seen in amqu's journal, an opinion piece written by a West Virginia teacher. The teacher does have a point, though it was addressed very rudely. Crappy proofreading job on the Cosby speech transcript, by the way.

Life: Time to go. Mark is watching something on TV, and it sounds like a proper ceilidh is going on in the den. The Chieftains--yea!

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