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Sarah on Sunday

Books: Sarah Vowell is giving a speech at some Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstore, apparently for her book, Assassination Vacation. She's the woman who voiced Violet in The Incredibles. I love listening to her--she's a Lincoln fan!--and I hope to buy her book in June.

Gaming: Gaming was sort of there. It got interrupted by a long, at least half-hour, discussion of Lost. Our DM had seen a 'making of' show about Lost, so she was telling us a lot of interesting things about how they chose the cast, etc.

I got some writing done yesterday and hopt to get some more done this morning. I'm incorporating the new things I 'learned' about my race for the fantasy novel, which means I'm having to change some things around so they will be more consistent with that.

Dreams: I dreamed more about airplanes and also about M*A*S*H. This time, the airplanes were jet fighter craft, and the flight instructor was having the pilots take off near some power lines, to see how well the students avoided them. No crashes, this time. The MASH stuff contained lots of medical goings-on, and part of the dream was in sepia tones, which made it look very interesting. Most of my dreams last night were apparently of a military theme.

Filibustering: You know, I really think the practice of filibustering is stupid and a huge waste of time--or at least, it was in the days when you had people speechifying for hours on the Senate floor and reading the telephone book or whatever. Why is the Senate fighting to uphold something whose most notorious use was in the 1950's to block civil rights legislation? Nowadays, they don't even bother reading the phone book; they do something called a 'virtual filibuster,' in which they simply announce that a filibuster on X topic has begun, and I guess it continues until enough people vote to end the thing. How wacked is that? It's straight out of the Star Trek episode, "A Taste of Armaggedon."

Work: The four day-long summer camp that my agency is sponsoring will begin this Tuesday and last through noon next Friday. A significant number of staff will be out of the office, dealing with this. I don't look forward to explaining to potential callers that their conuselors will be gone all week. That's never fun, because most people cannot understand why someone might be gone for an entire week. A day or two, maybe, but not five days in a row. I guess we'll see what happens.

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