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Dreams the Night of May 27, 2005

I had a very active dream cycle, last night. Major features seemed to be old, gorgeous houses and lots of people.

In the first dream, I was at Mercedes Lackey's house with a bunch of other friends who write fantasy, for a mini writers' convention. At some point, we were passing around stories which had been handwritten in spiral-bound notesbooks and reading them. At some point during this, I found myself in a coffee shop or diner talking to a very friendly black lady dressed as a gypsy, who had her hair all done up in neat-looking braids

Then this dream morphed into something more SPH-like. I'm not certain that we were at Hogwarts, though we may have been. I was not Seth; everyone knew me as Aerden, and I was myself--my journal identity, I suppose. There was this 'Willie Wonka as played by Johnny Depp' figure in the background who was trying to get us all to realize our true magical potentials. He was talking to a lot of us, when he suddenly whirled on Maelys (not her name in the dream) and said, "Show them your two selves."

Maelys was freaked and didn't want to admit to having two selves. I was stunned, because I knew about May but had never told anyone. I looked at Maelys, thinking, Oh my God, what are you going to do? 'Willie Wonka' kept insisting that she show her two selves.

The next thing I knew Maelys, I, and Paul Graves were sitting at a table, talking about this. Paul was patiently enumerating reasons why Maelys should cooperate, but she still wanted nothing to do with it. Finally, he threatened her. I don't remember what the threat was, and I knew he was bluffing, even though he was capable of carrying out the threat. But it shocked the bejeezus out of me, that he would actually make such a threat.

For whatever reason, Maelys finally said to all of us, "Fine!" She gathered us into a room, said something, and a golden glow appeared around her--and then she became both May and Maelys, and 'Willie Wonka' was pleased and congratulated her.

The next vignette was me walking around with a few other people in what was described to me as the Ima Hogg mansion. Ima was a wealthy Texas philanthropist whose father gave her that name to keep her humble. Anyway, I have never toured her house in real life.

In my dream, the home was totally neat, though! There was a room under the stairs that I took to be a bathroom, but when you opened the door, it turned into a small room with a warm fireplace, and facing the fireplace were two leather wing-backed chairs sitting on either side of a lovely antique Victorian table, where two people could have a cozy chat in privacy. This then opened up into a much larger room. This appeared to be another aspect of this dreaam--small rooms opening up into much larger and interesting rooms beyond.

There was the bedroom area, with a lot of old, antique, dark wood bedsteads with fuschia bedspreads. I suddenly associated this with some governor who had six daughters. I walked into their closet, and they had all these gorgeous, gorgeous old dresses. (The waking reference to this is actually the six daughters of George III of England.)

After exploring this house, the next thing I saw was someone hang-gliding. This turned into a series of small airplane crashes on water. I had no smell component to these, at all; I only saw the explosions and then, as I was swimming out toward one of the crash sites, I had to be careful of debris falling on top of me.

I woke up and went back to sleep again and had a dream that featured Mark and Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh. Jordan was visiting an unconscious woman who was a crime victim of some sort, and she was administering a drug to this woman for some reason related to solving the crime. The woman had terminal brain cancer. Jordan administered this drug for several days, and the woman's doctors became amazed that the cancer seemed to be lessening. Jordan was not happy, though; in fact, she seemed almost grief-stricken and numb. Also, there was a guy in the dream who intended to switch bottles of drug the next morning, so that Jorden would think she was injecting the therapeutic drug into the IV, when instead she would be injecting a lethal drug into it.

This dream shifted to Mark and me meeting our friend Stephanie for supper at a restaurant, only it turned out that Mark was actually a vampire, and we were meeting at night because he couldn't come out during the day.

That's all, folks.

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