Aerden (aerden) wrote,


Housemate: It looks like our friend Tom might be moving in with us in late June, if Mark's father gives the okay. (He owns the house and is allowing Mark and me to live in it.)

TV: American Justice was pretty good, last night. It being nearly summer. I was glad to find a crime documentary show that I hadn't already seen five or six times. I also saw an episode of The First 48 and enjoyed it while Mark and Tom watched Lost.

Shopping: I bought a t-shirt online on pegkerr's recommendation. It is a black t-shirt and has on the front in white, calligraphic lettering, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." On the back it says, "Mischief Managed." I can't wait to wear it to work! I ordered one for Mark, too, after I asked if he wanted one. He seemed to like the idea.

Politics: Article, Leaving the Left, by Keith Thompson, printed in the San Francisco Chronicle, May 22, 2005. This article explains a lot of why I too grew disenchanted with liberalism, when I used to support it quite staunchly.

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