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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
The 4am Owies

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: phacolytic uveitis - inflammation of the eye that occurs secondary to leakage of lens proteins into the rest of the eye. The body has an immunologic reaction to the presence of the lens proteins, and this is what causes the inflammation. The most frequent cause of this is a hypermature cataract.

So there I was in bed this morning, noticing that I felt a strange pain at the outer corner of my right eye. I couldn't tell if it was a blood vessel or a nerve that hurt, , but it didn't feel too good. I was too lazy to get up and take an aspirin, so I rolled over to go back to sleep.

Wrong move. The pain suddenly went from the outer side of my eye, into the eye, giving it a dull ache. This morning, I asked Mark if that eye looked unusual, and he said it was bloodshot. I went to work, told my co-workers what was going on, and scheduled an appointment to see my eye doctor.

I wasn't sure what was wrong with me. After going to Web MD and reading up on pinkeye, I decided that wasn't what I had; the eye wasn't itchy or burning. For a moment, I thought I might have temporal arteritis, but those symptoms didn't match, either. So I headed on in to see the doctor.

The upshot of it is, I'm to return Wednesday morning so the surgeon who removed my left cataract can assess the situation. If he thinks the lens is the problem, it seems I'll be scheduled for surgery fairly quickly. Since I can't see out of the right eye, we never felt the need to remove the right cataract, but I guess now is the time.

At the moment, Pred-Forte eyedrops are my One True Love. (g) When I gave myself a dose at 4pm, I would have happily upended the entire bottle into my eye, they felt so good. In the meantime, I'll be the Visine poster child.

Nothing much else is going on. I might write tonight, or I might go to bed early. I hope to at least finish my Project post for Kelli.

Current Mood: soresore
A Tale Of Eye-Problems and Treatment

Not that i want to worry you or anything but i remember reading this not long ago and now, with your eye...well, just check it out;


Re: A Tale Of Eye-Problems and Treatment

It's scary to think that that entire mess started off because the woman developed her severe eye problem on a Sunday instead of a weekday. *shakes head* Had she been able to go to her ophthalmologist, They might very well have treated her with prednisolone eyedrops to at least prevent the swelling from getting as bad as it did, despite the immunosuppression problem.

And the need to test her intraoculr pressure--!!!!--The only reason they had to do that was to document that she needed glaucoma medication so they could justify giving it to her, for insurance purposes. It is pretty obvious, if the eyeball is grossly swollen, that the IOP is likely to be quite elevated. But it has to have a documented value that is above normal range. *rolls eyes*

I have to agree with the author--the team nursing concept is bad. Everywhere I have eveor worked, the emphasis has always been on cross-training, so that everyone can do other employees' job if someone is out or ill. Having only one person who can do a certain job is not just stupid, it's dangerous--as the author's experience proved.