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Sunday at Home

Gaming: Our tabletop gaming session last night was quite amusing, as our DM used Snape as an NPC but also melded his personality with that of Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker's Guide. Much fun! She also had Professor McGonagall getting blissfully drunk on cognac.

It seems the Set priests of Papyrussine have put a price on my character Livius' head, and they're testing his mettle and his weaknesses by sending out some of their novitiates before they call in the big guns. In other words, we're going off on another quest next week, when (we hope) Terry can join us.

PSA: Apple Zima tastes like crap. In fact, be warned that any apple-flavored alcoholic drink that uses green food coloring is going to taste like crap. Do yourself a favor and drink real hard cider, not the malt liquor apple-flavored beverages. I recommend Hornsby's, Woodchuck, and Hard Core. If Mike comes out with a hard cider, I'll at least give it a try. I like his hard lemonade.

Crime Shows: I got to watch two crime documentary shows on the Discovery Channel today, episodes of FBI Files, essentially. One was about a gang of Irish armored car bank robbers who operated out of Charlestown in Boston in the 90's. Vicious guys, but very well organized! I have to say I found their getaway strategies impressive. They could write a textbook.

Writing: I did some writing this morning but stopped around 2pm and went for a walk. Then I got sucked into the crime shows. I realized that, though I'm giving one of my characters an interesting ability in my first draft of this piece (Only part of him exists in the three dimensions, so he can effortlessly teleport), I can't give his entire race that ability, as it would make them too powerful. So I'll have to forego that ability in subsequent versions of the story. A pity, that.

Article: How to Write a Query Letter by Jennifer Loworn Parker

Other Thoughts: Rats! I want some Woodchuck! *whine*

I saw a trailer for The Fantastic Four before Revenge of the Sith came on. I wasn't very impressed. I was also disappointed, because I really wanted to hear Ioan Gruffudd speak with a Welsh accent rather than an American one. Gruffudd doing American is wrong.

Okay, the movie will probably be better than I think in my Fine Italian Whine, but for some reason I really was crushed that I didn't get to hear Hornblower instead of Mr. Fantastic. Bleah.

It's very strange to go into a Chinese restaurant and discover Mexican Chicken and flan in the buffet. It was good flan, though!

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