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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Avriet Workup

I began rereading my rough draft of The Curse of Avriet last night, preparatory to revising it and starting to write a second draft. I was pleasantly surprised. I expected to cringe all the way through the thing, but for the most part, I liked what I wrote for the first six days. I'll keep on reading over the weekend and see if this happy state continues, or if I run into the stuff that I know needs a lot of work.

It scares me that I'm already speculating on what I will write for Nanowrimo this November. I must be out of my mind.

There are a lot of typoes in this thing, and I apparently never bothered to italicize anything while I was writing it--concentrating more on word count than text formatting. I think I'll edit and mull over while I do that. I know I need to make Micaul more of a force in the book--at least as equal a force as Allistaire is. The final two 'chapters' of the Nano version I will probably delete, as I wrote them only for word count when my mind blanked on the doings of Allistaire & Co., and they are obviously quite different in style from the rest of the book.

Oh yeah--and I must also finish the first draft. What a concept.

OMG! I figured out a red herring way to hide the curse, as well as a way to give Micaul something concrete to look for! Current Mood: excited!

Current Mood: thinking