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I applied for a position at my office today. It's a promotional opportunity, and we have three positions open. I had thought I would not be able to apply for anything until I had been an employee for six months, but apparently, that is not the case. I can still apply, though it is probable that my probation time will be extended for another six months if I get one of the jobs.

So I completed the online application today. Mostly, I love the new system! It's a web form, which is much easier to complete than the old, document version of the form, which required you to download the document and fill in the fields, requiring you to constantly tab and skip all over the place to work through the application.

There's only one bad thing about the form, and that is that, since my last name is spelled incorrectly in one of the HR databases, I wasn't allowed to spell it correctly on the application. I couldn't even go in and change it in my own 'My Profile' section; I had to leave a message with someone in Personnel that I needed the spelling to be corrected. I hope, once they correct the spelling in the database, that that will automatically correct the spelling of my electronic signature.

I didn't make a fuss before because I'm used to people spelling it 'Gua' instead of 'Gau.' But when a computer forces me to spell it incorrectly because that's how it's entered into the database, then I have a problem.

I hope I won't have to redo the application because of this. *winces*

The Women's Room: It was comical, today. Someone had secured a length of toilet paper around the hinge of the door of the stall that I was in, apparently because the crack between the door and the support pillar was too wide for her comfort. Unfortunately, the bottom end of the TP had come loose, so it wafted in the air every time I moved around. Not much modesty protection there, I'm afraid!

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Today at work, Mark called to let me know he planned to buy our tickets for Star Wars Episode III at My response: "Only if we're going to eat at the same restaurant."

Writing: Tonight, I'm going to work on The Curse of Avriet. I might even (gasp!) move it into a Word file instead of writing it in musevoices.

Medical Transcription Word of the day: von Willebrand's Disease - A condition in which the lacks von Willebrand's factor, a blood factor that causes fibrins to adhere to the walls of blood vessels so that platelets will stick together, allowing blood to coagulate. It comes in three types--mild, medium, and severe. It is 100 times more common than hemohilia, but hemophilia gets more recognition because of Queen Victoria being a carrier. This condition was discovered in 1920. It is more precisely a disorder rather than a disease. It can be treated with drugs.

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