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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Beer for the Eyes

Welcome, dsgood and prologue, to my friends list.

I love you, theo1! Thank you! And it's not even my birthday... (g) Reviews of House, MD episodes by a doctor

Work: Today was amusing. I had a consumer sitting in the lobby while I took a call from a Spanish speaker. The lady and I were trying to communicate, and I was speaking in part Spanish, mostly English. I asked her if she wanted 'servicias para los ojos.' She said she did, for her daughter. I found one of our employees who speaks better Spanish than I do, and she spoke with the woman for the rest of the call. I hung the phone up and started to chat with the man sitting in our lobby.

The visitor gave me a strange look. "What were you saying to that caller? Mud in your eye? Something like that?"

I said, "No, I told her that we offer eye services here--we subsidize eye exams and things like that--servicias para los ojos."

Visitor: "Oh! I thought you said cerveza!"

The Car: Mark heard back from the body shop people today. Our car was totaled--will cost more to repair than the current list value. We're going to have them fix it anyway, because we can't afford to buy a new car right now, and the price of a good used one would cost about the same as repairing the current one. So, instead of being $250 in the hole, we'll be about $1,500. :(

Luckily, I will soon be getting a small raise in September and another next year--across-the-board raises for all state employees--so I'll be able to contribute a little bit more to the monthly budget. I hope that will help.

This is likely to delay our purchasing DSL service for a while, but I'd say keeping the car running is far more important than that.

Quizzage Seen in iswari's journal:

Dolce - sweetheart!
You're dolce!

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Star Wars: Aw, man--sacrilege, here! :D

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