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SPH: I posted a new entry in gareth_adams. It seemed apropos. Thanks to morsefan for the quote.

Work: Work was rather busy, today--not crazy-busy, just a lot of stuff happening serially as the day went on. A consumer came and got six packages of items ordered for him, but we received eight more packages from UPS. Sheesh!

I received a very nice compliment from the mother of one of our consumers. She thought I handled the phone well when I spoke with her yesterday. I was awfully flattered; that kind of thing is always nice to hear, and it helps make up for the times when I can't get back fast enough to someone who is calling for weird information.

TV: House, MD is on tonight, and I'll be watching it. Crossing Jordan has been renewed for next season (Hurray!) and will remain in its 9pm Central time slot. I still mourn the loss of Enterprise. It really had gotten quite good, this past season. But those idiots at Paramount wouldn't give it the time needed to rebuild its fan base.

Friends: Crys is home!!! :D and my friend Liz continues to like her new job. I am so glad about that! The player we hoped was going to join our tabletop gaming group has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I've never met him, but Karina says he is a really fine singer, so this is doubly bad news. :(

Medical Transcription Word of the Day:

Just when you thought it was gone!

Usher Syndromes: An autosomal recessive inherited condition in which patients go blind from a condition resembling retinitis pigmentosa and also lose their hearing. The primary two types of this disease are congenital and one in which the deafness occurs after the patient learns to speak. There is also thought to be a third type that is peculiar to people with Finnish ancestry. In this third type, the genetic malfunction causing the syndrome is located in a different gene/chromosome than the one causing the first two types.

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