Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Mystery Pianist

One of the facts which came out in the various news reports I've read about this man is that the tags and labels were removed from his clothing, and the brand marks on his shoes were rubbed out, which indicates a pretty strong desire to conceal identity. The question is, did he do it, or did someone else, and why was it done?

At first I thought, This is the sort of thing you do to a dead body. But that is wrong. A person trying to murder someone else would do far more than simply remove clothing tags. S/he would remove the fingertips and teeth and smash the face.

On the other hand, why would the man remove the tags himself? He couldn't predict that he would have a nervous breakdown or amnesia. This got me to wondering something else, though. What if he was contemplating suicide, instead? That would presume a future in which he could not be identified by merely asking him who he was, and it is the only reasonable measure that a still-living man could take to conceal his identity; anything more than that would involve a lot of pain.

It makes me wonder--should this be the case--whether having amnesia is what has allowed him to survive.

Still, this hypothesis doesn't quite satisfy me because it does not adequately explain the man's fear of people. Also, the fact that he seems to still love music very much would seem to indicate that he still strongly felt he had something to live for.

Ah well, armchair detective mode off--for now.

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