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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
A Good Afternoon's Work

Well, today I did it. I cleaned out our pantry. Hurray!

The pantry, as far as I know, has never been cleaned out for as long as I've lived in Mark's parents' home--which has been about nine years.

His mother died two years ago, and it's been bugging me for a while how cluttered the pantry has been. So I got in there today and tossed out everything that I was certain had been in there for the last two years, and generally, anything else that was dusty.

Now, we have a nice, clean, organized pantry. I've got the pasta-roni and the rice packets and all sorts of other stuff lined up in little rows, so we can tell what we have, at a glance. There's room for the cereal boxes, now! Cans no longer clutter the pantry floor. I feel wonderfully domestic. (g)

Of course, the rest of the house still needs work, and we've got my brother and sister-in-law and our teenage niece and nephew coming, Friday evening.

But at least the pantry is clean. Tomorrow--the refrigerator.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: "Wendy" - Song from the Sixties

If you feel like travelling overseas when you're done, my small apt. looks like a tornado... *sigh* I AM going to shapen it up before Christmas, though - for I am NOT moving into the new year with my clothes lying all over the place... and then there's those dust elephants behind the sofa. <:-) (I didn't even know they were there, even though I suspected it given how often I vacuum behind there, until a friend of mine came up with the brilliant idea to pull the sofa over to my computer so we could watch the LOTR SE DVD sitting comfortably (I have a DVD-ROM on my comp, but have been too lazy to buy a cable to hook it up with the telly...). My reaction was about on the same level with Elijah Wood's "oh MAN!" ;-))

The refrigerator... ew, that reminds me of my freezer. I think I've seen it somewhere under all that ice, but it was quite some time ago...

Yes, I know, I'm a terrible housewife. <:-) If I get married, it will have to be with a guy who 1) can cook and 2) is wealthy enough that we'll be able to keep a maid. ;-)

Re: Housecleaning

Yeah, we need to defrost our freezer, too. But luckily, it's a stand-up freezer, so at least I don't have to lean over and practically fall in, every time I want to reach something at the bottom.

I'm not the best housekeeper, either, but every once in a while, things reach a critical point so I can't stand it anymore, and then I clean like crazy. Mark is no help, except for cleaning the bathroom--he'll actually do that regularly. But he has no concept of cleaning the kitchen. I just don't understand what it is with men. Or maybe it's just him.

My Mom always taught my sister and I to clean as we cooked, so it baffles me why Mark doesn't. He just leaves wrappers and things and spilled stuff in the kitchen for me to clean up when I wash the dishes--he cooks, and I clean. I guess he takes that seriously. ::shakes head::

See you later!

Re: Housecleaning

It's men. Definitely men. They just don't work the way normal people do - women, in other words. ;-)

Re: Housecleaning


It's probably good that I'm married to a slob. If I were married to a very tidy person, I'd feel guilty for not being as tidy. This way, I get to complain and feel self-righteous. (snicker)

You and Suse *must* come here. *winks*

Course, now I have the perfect excuse for *not* doing housework.

Re: Housecleaning

Viv--I would love to get to meet you all, for any reason! (g)

Suse is more organized than I am, though, because she's that way, all the time. ::sigh::

Re: Housecleaning

That's our Suse.

Seriously I never imagined I'd get to meet Suse and here we are; so you never know.

Hogwarts has brought so many cool folk together and adore Simon from what I've seen of him.

Re: Housecleaning

I like Nimue very much, too! I can't wait to see how this story about her and Anders works out.

By the way--::Hugs:: about the hernia. I'm glad you've got a good doctor taking care of you.

And it's so satisfying to look at when you are finished, isn't it?

Re: Housecleaning

Mandy--Yes, exactly! Every once in a while, yesterday, I would open the pantry door, look in, and give a happy little sigh.

Simple pleasures for a simple mind, I guess. (g)