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I Am Such a Dork...

And so is the little Paul in my mind.

The same weird obssessiveness that compels me to put all of the in-out magnetic dots in a straight, neat column compelled me to look for the perfect font for my work email signature. *rolls eyes*

Callisto wouldn't do. Palatino wouldn't do. Times New Roman in italics wouldn't do. No, it had to be Book Antiqua; everything else was just a lame substitute, in my mind.

Why am I like this??? Why can't I be this way about things which actually matter?

Writing: I am going to borrow an idea from goldfired and start using a wordmeter for my re-write of Curse of Avriet. I have no idea how long to actually make the book's proposed length; I just know that it requires a lot more length than the 50,000 words of Nanowrimo.

Bad Snapeness!!! LMAO! This link courtesy of padfoot_uk

Intriguing: I heard this story on the radio when it woke me up at 5:30 this morning, and I've been fascinated by it ever since. The Mystery Pianist Apparently, he likes Tchaikovsky. My suggestion for therapy: Give him someone to teach. Here is the sketch he drew for one of the social workers who is trying to help him.

I wonder if perhaps he could be a music student, rather than a professional performer? That might explain why no one has yet identified him.

What interests me about the sketch is that he's got the lighting spot-on perfect, even down to the differing degrees of darkness in the shadows and the way the shadow of the piano bench is drawn. Oddly, though, he doesn't give any detail to the interior of the piano, not even an indication of depth to the inside of it--I mean, I can understand him not drawing the harp and innards of the piano; that's a lot of work. Even so, this picture is extremely detailed, more detailed than one would expect if the sketch's purpose were merely to convey the idea of a piano. I think this is a piano he has seen and probably played on. The shadows are just too perfect. This is a snapshot of memory, coming onto the stage from stage right, with the audience to his right. This is his world.

I also suspect he is left-handed.

Note: According to news articles I've read, he has drawn other pictures with better details of a piano's interior. Interesting.

Edit: A subsequent entry on this subject.

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