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Saturday and Still in My Pajamas

The chocolate-covered pretzel bit clusters I was panting over earlier in the week arrived, and they're delicious! I can see I'm going to have to severely restrain myself from munching on them.

Bleah, self-restraint!

I'll be writing today and perhaps doing some computer art; not sure about the art, yet.

No gaming, as our DM still sounds as if she's speaking from the depths of a well when we talk to her over the telephone. Plus, our friend Steve is at his aunt's funeral, and our friend Terry has to work today. And I'm sure Mark doesn't want to risk anything happening to our rental car over the weekend.

Mark is entering a script into the Austin Film Festival screenplay contest, which is neat!

Writing: An interesting entry by sistermagpie about story motifs. I'll have to think about what sort of recurring motifs are in my stories. I'm sure my rough draft of The Curse of Avriet is full of such stuff.

I do recognize that I tend to write in character archetypes. I am able to see, for instance, that Ephram Young is a lot like Paul Graves and that Chavis Yeritt is a lot like Linnius Tercel, and that Myradin Glennis is a more mature and wiser version of Seth Graves, who is a very messed-up version of my Fort Weyr brownrider D'mir. I don't know where Aerden came from. I created him immediately after D'mir, because I wanted a character with some teeth, and D'mir was too well-adjusted. I don't know where Mary Elizabeth Gregory came from, either, but I'm glad she did. I love her.

This character clone habit irritates me. I don't want to keep writing variations of the same few characters all the time. Problem is, whenever I try to write a character who is wildly different from the ones I like to write about--my heart isn't in it, and the work feels like drudgery.

Plus, I've noticed that professional writers do the same thing. For instance, Marion Zimmer Bradley's pianist Simon is essentially the worst parts of Lew Alton and Dyan Ardais mixed together. It's very obvious when you read the book he appears in. There are likely other character similarities in her work, as well, but Lew and Dyan clones are the ones I notice.

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