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Dinner and a Car Wreck

Wrecked: When Mark picked me up from work this evening, he asked if there was any restaurant I'd like to go to, and I suggested Collina's. It's the Italian restaurant I've been raving about, lately. I forget what Mark ate, but I had a Caesar salad and then portabella muchrooms on a bed of spinach, covered with provolone cheese. It was so good!

We had planned to go to Barnes & Noble, but as we turned the corner off of 19th Street and onto Durham, someone plowed into the right rear side portion of our trunk, causing the rear bumper to become partially detached. We pulled into a nearby parking lot, and man, the bumper looked terrible! The car was not crushed in or anything, but the metal of the chassis had snapped off in places and fragmented. So we had to exchange insurance information with the other driver and then wait for a tow. No one was hurt, thank God. And I doubly thank God, because my health insurance doesn't kick in until July 1.

Anyway, our car is in the body shop now, and Mark and I have a loaner car. The body shop was only five blocks away from the location of the accident. I'm beginning to think it is very fortunate that there are so many used car dealerships near where I work.

Bus Humor: Heard on the bus today: "Buses are just like women. Wait a bit, and another will come by soon."

Snark: "Never spend money that you have not yet earned." --Thomas Jefferson. Yeah, right. Thus spoke a man who died heavily in debt.

Going to bed now. Good night!

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