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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Busy Day

Work: Today, I finally completed my travel voucher for the trip I took at the beginning of this montyh. Since the state reimburses employees who must use drivers for the driver's hours, you have to jump through several hoops any time you use a driver. Plus, they've gotten very strict about the ten-day time limit. If you received a cash advance and and did not complete your travel voucher by the tenth day after the trip, you are no longer eligible to receive cash advances.

And on top of all this, the macro I was using on the Excel for to produce the voucher kept inserting numbers and phrases from other cells seemingly at random in places where they didn't belong--which meant that I had to keep going back and deleting the unwanted text before I could turn the sheet in. Ack!

I bow down and worship my co-worker Cindy, who taught me how to do the thing.

Weekend: Mark and I are ambivalent about seeing a movie tomorrow night; there's a strong possibility that we'll just go out to eat and then come home for the evening. I rather like that. Sometimes, I just like to come home and don't like to be running around until 9pm or later, after having been up since 5:45am.

I hope we'll get to go gaming on Saturday. Our DM was sick with sinus ickies last week, and when she gets hit with those, she goes down hard.

Passing Thought: On South Park, I find the character of Mr. Slave far more interesting and intelligent than his lover, Mr. Garrison.

Meme: Why did you friend me? (From the journal of athanasios)

Not much else happening. I'm going off to write.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "The Green Fields of Gaodhdobhair" - Clannad

I did a google search for that song in Cold Mountain? that Sting and some chick sings. Can't even remember what the song is. You came up. I think I friended you because you were a medical transcriptionist and seemed cool.

"My Ain True Love" Ah! I so love that song.

I was thrilled to find out that not only were you a medical transcriptionist, but you actually were familiar with some of the doctors I was transcribing for. I remember thinking, Oh my God, she knows Zuckerman!!! How neat!

Hmmm, just curious, why did you think Mr. Slave was interesting? (I only saw a couple of chapters and all he said was "jesus christ!", so maybe I missed something LOL)

There was an episode of South Park in which Paris Hilton (or her likeness) came into town, and all the little girls decided they wanted to be just like her. In the context of the episode, that meant 'slutty.' Mr. Slave was appalled at this and did his best to convince the children that sluttiness is not cool, it's degrading, and it was something they should not emulate. I thought that was rather neat for him to say, and it was a heck of a lot more intelligent than I have ever seen Mr. Garrison be.

The episode got really weird toward the end, but I really liked Mr. Slave's speech.


I friended you because you were in Nova Roma, and then I kept you on my friends list because I thought we shared some interesting common ground and interests.

I found your journal--I don't remember how, to be honest, but I think it was through Nano--and saw that you game, and I loved your icon and pre-Raphaelite stuff, and your Medical Transcription Word of the Day. You're very interesting! :)