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The Devil's Due!

SPH: For those of you who remember the Cheesecake Plot, "The Devil's Due" is a story that explains why Mildred Gregory, Mary Elizabeth's mother, seemed so inexplicably familiar with Zachariah Gregory, the family ancestor. Amazingly, no one in the game ever asked me to explain that little mystery.

I was looking up a word via Google that I don't know the meaning of except by context, and that led me to one of my own web pages, in which I had used the word in a story--this story.

"The Devil's Due" is not yet finished. It is also not set in the Potter universe; I created the Gregory family originally for a now-defunct fantasy RPG called The Crescent. Thus, Mildred's denial of being a witch in the story. I essentially decided I liked the characters so much that I wanted to play them in sphogwarts.

The story is friendslocked in my musevoices journal. If you wish to read the work so far but are not friended to MV, let me know, and I will friend you to that journal.

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