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Work, British Elections, and Shopping

Work: At work, we are having to do something to our computers called 're-imaging.' I've never heard of this before and have no idea what it is, but the tech geeks who are doing it on our computers recommended that we all make backups of our My Documents sections before the procedure was done. So today, I dutifully set out to do this.

Just one problem: My computer will allow me to save the backup only to a floppy disk in the A: drive or to the C: drive. it won't allow me to back up on the D: drive, which is the CD-ROM. So I had to whine about this in a voice mail to the person who will be doing my re-imaging tomorrow morning. I hope she can tweak my computer so I can do the backup.

Tomorrow we will host a vocational awareness event in our office for students from the Houston school district HISD. I'd thought about wearing a t-shirt and slacks tomorrow for Casual Friday, but I think I'll dress a bit better than that, instead. I don't want them thinking it's generally okay to wear a t-shirt to work, even if they do know about Casual Fridays.

British Politics and Paul: The little Paul in my head is quite pleased that the Tories seem to be winning in the West Country. *snickers* He still says he would vote for Tony Blair, though, if he were allowed to vote. Alas for him, I think he lost his voting rights permanently in December of 1997. *amused look*

I was actually quite surprised to see Mark paying such unusual interest to the British election. I don't remember him being so interested in British politics before now. Maybe I'm wrong.

I liked the way they announced the results in the Welsh areas in both English and Welsh.

And very amusingly--one of the news announcers sounds like and even looks a bit like the Roaming Gnome!

Shopping: I went shopping after work to pick up a few things--a couple of small scented candles, some Mother's Day cards for my Mom, my sister Lisa, my SIL Janet, and my stepmother-in-law, along with a set of ten plastic hangers and some plastic drinking glasses. Most of our current el cheapo plastic ones are getting odd chips on the rims.

Nothing much else is on my mind, except the fact that I'm all bubbly and cheerful because the song "So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish" is playing in my head on endless repeat. :)

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