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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
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Work: Mark and I arrived back from Austin at 10:30, when he dropped me off at my office. Work was pretty slow today. Several of the counselors are at a week-long outreach event, so most of their consumers know they aren't in, and they did't schedule any visits. I kind of wished I could have taken a snooze.

Austin: I discovered that they have a place called The Enchanted Florist in Austin. I love the name! The driver delivers flowers in a dark pink van. (g) We had supper Monday night at a restaurant called China Star, which has beautiful Chinese decor and tasty food--a buffet with a very wide variety, including sushi. I was mainly oohing and aahing over the interior decorations, though.

While Mark watched 24 in our hotel room, I went down to the hotel bar and had a couple of Guinness shandies. The bartender wondered if I was English, since I like English and Irish beers. I guess they don't get asked for those often over there.

I bought my Mom a stuffed armadillo wearing a black cowboy hat for Mother's Day. It's a cute little thing. I bought myself a wooden harp ornament and a painted ceramic figurine of a cat curled up in a wicker chair. I also bought t-shirts for my two nephews who live here in Houston.

I intended to give Mark his present right after 24 was over, but since he insisted on watching a movie about Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt and sucked me into it too, he didn't get his present until 11pm. :P

Wicca: My new athame and the ebony wand arrived today! Once the chalice arrives, I'll have everything I need except the actual altar. (g) I'll buy that either this month or later in the summer. I want to wait a while before I start spending money like a madwoman.

Death-Eater Humor: During lunch yesterday, Mark and I had this conversation:

Me: "The little Paul in my head tells me he would be willing to vote for Tony Blair this time, if he could vote in this election."

Mark: "But why? Paul is a country gentleman. Blair is the guy who banned fox-hunting."

Me: "Paul doesn't go fox-hunting. It would upset the thestral herd at Gravesend."

Mark: "True. And being Death-Eters, his friends would probably go Muggle-hunting, instead."

Me: "Ew. Paul isn't into that." *pauses* "But I can picture it. There they'd be, in those little, red fox-hunter jackets, on broomsticks..."

Mark: "But they'd need to have somebody like Arnold from Hard Target. Instead of a dead Muggle, one of the DE would end up tied to a tree."

Me: "Heh...Yeah, with a sign taped to his forehead reading, "I'm too stupid to be a Death-Eater."


Did you chose the name of the English town for their home on purpose? Because I passed Gravesend on my travels. I would have taken a picture had I known it was the Grave's home. *grin*

Rose--Heh...Actually, thge only reason I named the estate Gravesend was because my character's last name was Graves, and I couldn't think of anything else that sounded cool that incorporated the name. (g)

I knew about the town of Gravesend east of London, but my fictional family's estate is in Gloucestershire. In reality, it's located in Mickleton, Gloucestershire and is called Mickleton Manor. For the Potter game I was in, I located the estate in Upleadon, Gloucestershire, farther south, near the Severn.

Picture here