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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Arcadia Moon's Favourite Website?

Hey, Crys! Here is something for your inner Arcadia to check out: The Vermont Teddy Bear Company

I hope she likes it! :D

Current Mood: amusedamused

Hey, we visited this place once, years ago when my sister and I went to a WorldCon in Boston, then rented a car and toured New England. (It was SOOO gorgeous up on Vermont that I cry remembering it.) We found this company and came back with the biggest effin' stuffed koala you can imagine. Then when we went to Cape Cod soon after we found lodgings at a place called the Koala Inn--when one of the maids saw us walking in with "Adelaide" she almost had a stroke laughing at it.

Kris--LMAO!!!!! I can imagine!

Reminds me of the first job fair I went to, in which there was a LARGE Aflack Dcuk at the Aflack Insurance booth. I could not stop grinning, every time I looked at it.


Wow! She would SO love that :-D

That's when she's not off on a Mission for the Temprol Ministry of Magic ;)

Crys--Heh...Now we know what she spends her salary on!

I totally love Arcadia. :) I miss her!

Me too.