Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Resistance is Useless!

Movie: Mark and I have figured out what happened to the Borg.

Obviously, at one time, the Borg were a happy, content, and cheerful race, saying things to each other like, "Look at my new cyborg arm. Isn't this the coolest thing you ever saw?"

Then they assimilated the Vogons, and they have never been the same since.

In other words, go out and see Hitchhiker's Guide It's a wonderful movie! Purists should be warned--parts of all four books are combined in the movie, apparently. I(t seems that Douglas Adams modified the story according to the medium in which it was being told, and he was working on the screenplay for this film when he died.

Potter: I also foresee a new genre of Harry Potter stories: Depressed Snape fanfic! :D

I can hear it now... Professor Snape: "Not that anyone ever listens to me, but the Death-Eaters will find you if you hide in that closet. After that, well, it can only end in tears...and bloodshed." *heavy sigh*

Yard Work: I did the Pernese dragonrider thing today--meaning, I got off my ass and pulled out a lot of the overgrown grass that was clogging the cracks in our front walk, finally. True to form, I don't think Mark really noticed. *rolls eyes* He never paid attention to the front walk before; why should he now? But I'm happy. I found curb under the grass! Yea!

The thought of weeding the flowerbeds, though, makes me just want to curl up into a ball and whimper. I wonder if we can just dig them up?

Getting ready to travel to Austin on Monday. Gaming is tonight. *sigh* Must bathe before we leave this afternoon.

Braille: I brought home the book for grade three Braille yesterday. Sheesh! The symbol-shape for the letter 'g' can have four different meanings!

In dots 1,2,4, and 5: g
In dots 2,3,5, and 6: gg, parentheses, and 'were.'

My mind boggleth.

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