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Aerden [userpic]
Outrage of the Week: Harry Potter Slash Fan-Fiction

Okay, now I'm really grossed out.

It was bad enough when they did it to Kirk and Spock, nauseating when they did it to Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci, and now...they've done it to Harry and Draco??? And Harry and Snape???

Excuse me while I wash my brain out with industrial strength, bacteriocidal soap. Yech!

Isn't anything sacred, anymore? And where do these sick people get off writing what is essentially child pornography, using someone's copyrighted characters--and saying that their fiction is PG-13, when the implied content is clearly adult?!

If I were J. K. Rowling, I would sue these people into perdition. Unfortunately, there are so many of them that doing such a thing would probably be impractical. All you have to do is go to Google and do a search on the phrase "Harry and Draco" to see how many of these sites there are.

I have chafed in the past under some of the strictures that Anne McCaffrey has placed on fan fiction based on her works, but I can certainly see why she does so.

This is just appalling.

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Re: Anne McCaffrey's restrictions

Hi, Mandy!--Well, McCaffrey has relaxed quite a bit on the issue that annoyed me--the whole association of rider sexuality with dragon color for the fan Weyrs. I frankly found that kind of pigeon-holing offensive.

Her other restrictions--the ones on not using her characters, and on keeping fannish Pern consistent with what is in the books, I agree with wholeheartedly. Her prohibition against Pern fan-fic archives being available on the Web is an inconvenience, as I often lose track of posts when I can't search through archives and find them--but even that, I can understand as protecting her copyright. So in general, I'm comfortable with McCaffrey's requirements, now.

But with all this HP slash fanfic, I'm beginning to think that Rowlings will have to do the same thing as McCaffrey--prohibit the fannish use of her copyrighted characters--to put a stop to the slash stuff, if she learns of it and wants it stopped.

That would be a pain, though, because it's so nice having Snape and McGonagall, et al there in Voldewarts and in HP-Hogwarts. That enables those RP's to retain the feel of the Hogwarts School, without us having to contend with Harry, et al in the game. I like that very much.

Re: Prohibiting

Yes could close us down at least on the net but we'd play on probably as an unlisted RPG. And it harm none. It doesn't harm JKR with us writing this material or using her characters. I think the slurs against her by the Christians and the burning of her books hurt her much more on a personal level because the one thing that is certain is that fan fiction and role-playing takes place because people love the books, the characters, etc. and of course her.

Of course, JKR coming down heavy on all fanfic could potentially kill the fandom. She seems disinclined to and certainly is aware fan fiction exists. JKR and her publisher's policy is outlined here.

It would certainly not stop slash as that existed pre the net and would just go underground again. So pointless exercise really. Would not also not stop people writing in private. This is something that cannot be controlled. Many slash writers are underage themselves as well. The vast majority are female and often the characters are aged to age of consent.

If you have the time and inclination there was a thread on this subject on debate. It generated over 400 comments.


Re: Prohibiting

Viv--Thanks for that link!

Yes, you're right. Slash fanfic is too widespread to be controlled easily. I didn't know that a lot of the writers are underage girls or that the characters involved are aged to legal age. That's some small relief. ::shakes head:: Very small. It sounds like Warner Brothers would like to control the stuff but has decided that it's an exercise in futility.

Re: Prohibiting

My latest entry revisits this issue as topic came up on sane_potter.

Not just slash (because homosexuality per se is not the issue) but all fanfic with mature content.