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Aerden [userpic]
Outrage of the Week: Harry Potter Slash Fan-Fiction

Okay, now I'm really grossed out.

It was bad enough when they did it to Kirk and Spock, nauseating when they did it to Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci, and now...they've done it to Harry and Draco??? And Harry and Snape???

Excuse me while I wash my brain out with industrial strength, bacteriocidal soap. Yech!

Isn't anything sacred, anymore? And where do these sick people get off writing what is essentially child pornography, using someone's copyrighted characters--and saying that their fiction is PG-13, when the implied content is clearly adult?!

If I were J. K. Rowling, I would sue these people into perdition. Unfortunately, there are so many of them that doing such a thing would probably be impractical. All you have to do is go to Google and do a search on the phrase "Harry and Draco" to see how many of these sites there are.

I have chafed in the past under some of the strictures that Anne McCaffrey has placed on fan fiction based on her works, but I can certainly see why she does so.

This is just appalling.

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Re: Anne McCaffrey's restrictions

I had wondered how people reacted to restrictions McCaffery had placed and who actually takes notice though she's a little litigatious I understand if she discovers. It would disincline me to write in that world - if I were interested which I never have been.

Anne Rice is worse and frankly I don't understand why except let's face it some of the fan fic is way better than her recent writing.

As for slash - I am sure that someone somewhere has already 'advised' JKR - as there have been 'shock horror' style articles on the net about it. If you recall Mandy that was why we had to put PG-13 on hp-hogwarts and had one of the fic alley people as a temporary guest after Niki posted an article about it.

Slash is not something I have a great deal of time for but it has its advocates. However, most is posted with heavy warnings that if this kind of material offends - don't read. I tend to take that advise.

Re: Anne McCaffrey's restrictions

Heh...You guys should see the strictures on writing Heralds of Valdemar fan-fiction. The last I heard, Mercedes Lackey made people complete a godawful long agreement before they could be allowed to write fan fiction in her universe.

Yep, I've seen the warnings not to read the offensive material. I heed them too! (g) But for me, just the fact that it exists is offensive. Writing about two consenting adults doing slash is one thing, but I really object when it involves underage characters--even though no child is technically being harmed.

Besides, anyone who would believe that Harry would ever have the complete lack of taste to 'do' Draco (or vice-versa) just has no brains, IMO. (g)