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Energy Resellers and Volunteering

Energy Reselling: At work, I spoke with a guy today who is getting into the electricity reselling business. The way he explained this, it sounds more like a cross between reselling and multi-level marketing.

Advertising for the company is spread by word-of-mouth only, and the guy mentioned a 20-level downline with no limitations on width.. If you sign up to purchase from the company he plans to work for, the cost is 6% less than our local legitimate energy company

The way I see it, this is only slightly more reputable than regular MLM, in which the item you are 'selling' is usually a so-called 'report' on how to run a business. These reports are actually long advertisements trying to suck you more deeply into the scheme. At least this guy's company is selling a tangible product.

*shakes head* He's doing his best to get all of his brothers and sisters involved in this thing, and I really can't say how well he might do. For his sake I hope he does well, but I suspect he'll find out as time goes on that he doesn't actually earn the large amounts of money he thinks he will earn. Sorry, but you just don't earn $100,000 a month by merely passing out business cards.

I looked his company up, and it is listed with the Texas Public Utilities Commission, so perhaps it's not as fly-by-night as I think. I'll wait to see whether this guy actually earns an income from the thing. Me, I think I'd rather bet my money on buying a WIFI spot.

The 'V' Word: I volunteered to help teach Braille at a Criss Cole Mini-Outreach event that will be held all next week in Burton, Tesas. I would only be going up for Thursday, if I'm able to go. I decided I like doing the volunteer things, and since my supervisor is amenable to letting me participate, I would like to. It's been surprising; the staff at my office are very keen on recognizing that the receptionist is part of the mission too and has as much right to participate in division doings as any other employee. I really am surprised and glad that they are so open-minded. I'll just have to make sure I don't abuse this graciousness.

I had lunch with the regional director for Secretaries' Week today--absolutely wonderful tortellini Alfredo at Collina's. My god, it was like my Aunt Josie used to make! Talk about being in food heaven... *slurp*

Work: My boss has been teling me to think about my goals in the organization. I now have something to work toward, instead of asking myself, '"What career goals can the receptionist possibly have in an office with low turnover?" It's nice to have a career goal.

Now, I won't have to say, "My goal is to get back into medical transcription as fast as humanly possible." (g)

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