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Well, I Wrote About Him...

It wasn't pretty. Nor was it what Paul wanted--at all.

I decided to explore some of Paul's past--which really needed exploring because I haven't had the guts to do it in much detail. A lot of his past is unpleasant. So the reaction I got was, well...

Paul, glaring daggers at me: "God damn you to hell!

Me, wincing, but only a little bit: "I'm sorry. But I had to go there. Do you realize how easy you've had it for the last year or so? You haven't been challenged at all, and what makes you the most interesting to me is when you're being challenged--spiritually and mentally. I haven't figured out how to do that with the you of the future, so I had to go back to your past."

(More later, after I get home from work. I'll probably repost this into a later entry, too.)

The crazy thing is--I love writing about Paul when he's furious, frustrated, or in deep turmoil and feeling conflicted. I learn so many interesting things about him that way.

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