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Happily, It's Wednesday

Seen in chellealistic's journal:

If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the Internet, post this sentence in your journal.

There are many of you. :) *Hugs friends list*

Work: Work was reasonably busy today, which was nice. We had Job Club in the morning, but no one showed up for Braille class.

I had to take Initial Civil Rights Training today--it's something all employees are required to take during their first 30 days of employment, here. I just squeaked by on the 29th day.

Tomorrow is a skeleton crew holiday, which I will be working, as I want the eight hours of comp time so that I can take off the Friday of Fortfest. Without the comp time, I wouldn't be able to take a vacation day before September 21.

DragonCon: I'm probably not going to DragonCon, this year. Instead, I'm going to save up my money for next year, after which I'll have 17 months of wages and savings. I've waited this long; I can go another year.

Braille: Braille Grade Two is a humdinger. I'm using a textbook along with the Braille School website, and I think I like the website better, even though its internal link structure is not very good. My practice piece is the 'One Ring' poem by J.R.R. Tolkien, and its interesting to see the evolution of my skills from Grade One to Grade Two Braille.

*shudders to think of Braille diacritical marks in French.*

Reading: Last night, I stayed up until 11:30 reading articles in Archaeology magazine about abandoned 19th century insane asylums in New York and about a Roman cavalry fort inhabitated by Sarmatians near Brougham, England. Apparently there were a couple of high-ranking cavalry officers who were women, which has caused something of a stir in the archaeological community.

Pope Benedict: Of all the commentary on this subject, I think I appreciate shusu's the most. She didn't get hysterical, she didn't go into paroxysms of paranoia that the Pope is a Nazi and we're all doomed; she simply posted a link to a Wikipedia article about him and let us decide for ourselves. Way to go! Thank you for being the sane, reasonable person you are. :)

TV: It really pisses me off that this stupid show about Evel Knievel's motorcycle stunt company has moved into Dog's time slot. And last night's rerun of Crossing Jordan was one I saw a month or so ago. *sigh*

Clothes: That evil havocthecat has made me want to go dress shopping! *pout* (g)

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