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A Lazy Sunday

@>->-- Sarah Lunde --<-<@

SPH: Hehe! Anders Grimalkin is alive and, um, not well. (g) Much plottage happening. I wonder if I can get Seth involved before the DE nab him? *wanders off, whistling to self*

Life: The habotai silk for my altar cloth arrived yesterday. It's beautiful! I plan to buy the storage cabinet-cum-altar sometime in May.

I bought a small photo album to contain some pictures that our friend Steve Johnson sent us of Paris, as well as some photos of my niece and nephew Kaitlin and Cody.

HEB Buffalo Wing and Bleu Cheese potato chips are delicious, especially with spinach dip.

Yes, this is a mindless, babbling post about very little of consequence, and I should probably end it now. :)

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