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What's Happening

Well, I decided to pay my Journal up for a year, and I hope to get a Permanent Account, the next time LJ offers them.

Worked on Pern stuff and on HP-Hogwarts and Voldewarts responses. Worked on adding to and editing my Ealdru draft. It's really annoying to be unsure of how to resolve the thing. I know Aerden needs to have a showdown with the Big Baddie, but I'm a bit stymied on how he'll succeed.

I'm also doing Christmas shopping online this year--and it's terrible! Every time I see a neat present for someone, I also want one for the Sabbatum CD by Rondellus, or this yummy cheese spread that has cranberries, raisins, and nuts in it, by The Wisconsin Cheeseman. I've also found a splendid selection of jams and jellies at The Vermont Country Store, and some scrumptious chocolate truffles from The Chocolate Garden. You must check out their truffles! Those are just the specialty stories, of course. I did the main part of my shopping at Amazon. I got a CD of medieval Spanish music, a Bond CD (Born), and a CD by a group called Unicorn for my friend Karina. At CD Baby, I got a CD by a group called Voxfire. The CD is called Songs of the Virgin. It's a female trio, and some of what they sing is by Hildegard. (Yea!)

Well, I must go and try to wash up before Mark gets home. He took our friend Donna to get her driver's license renewed, and he hoped to be back here around 4pm.

See you all later!

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