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Aerden [userpic]
Tuesday - House MD Night!

TV: Tomorrow's Medical Transcription Word of the Day will be chosen courtesy of tonight's episode of House, MD. I rather liked tonight's episode; there was more concentration on the medical mysteries and not quite so much on the mutual emotional manipulations.

Vogler is still an asshole, though.

I'm now watching tonight's re-run of Crossing Jordan. It seems that Woody is on vacation with his brother. The poor man. :)

And...apparently brothers remain brothers.


I've only just started watching House - 3 episodes in so far, but I'm definitely enjoying it. Apart from the great plots/writing, it's great to see Hugh Laurie, and I grew up watching Jesse Spencer (Chase) in the Australian soap Neighbours, so it's cool to see him as an adult, as well.

House, MD is an amazing show--very smartly written. Sometimes, I quibble with the medical judgment, but the plots and the interpersonal machinations are just beyond anything I've ever seen, outside of The Lion In Winter.

Someday, I really need to see Hugh Laurie in Black Adder, so I can see his funny side.


I just downloaded/watched another episode of House, and 2 hours later watched an old repeat of Blackadder. The difference in him is seriously amazing (age, character, accent).

That must have been i>fascinating</i> to see!