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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Monday is Over

Work: Today was about 3/4 boring. I've got to get it through their heads that they really can give me more to do at work. Just answering phones and doing the occasional bit of printing out sign-in sheets etc. is not enough to keep me busy.

Today, I begged Mark to RP our gaming characters with me over email, because it was something I could do that would make me look busy. There has got to be something more I can do than just babysit the phones.

Blood Drive: I was able to donate blood at church yesterday! After getting turned down twice in a row, I was glad to finally have a high enough hemoglobin again. Have made a note to continue eating raisins.

I discovered that one of my favorite clothing brands, Caribbean Joe, is available through Amazon! Yesterday, I bought a dress on sale for $21.95. Not bad, at all! What I wanted to buy was a teal dress that costs $135.00, made of habotai silk, but I'll wait a while on that one.

Writing: Part of my time at work today was spent working out more details for a story that might or might not become part of the Avriet universe. *thinks* Hm! I could put the Drachaine Families in Sevrennes...It would even fit! Would explain the Sevrennais hatred of demons. Cool. I love it when a plan comes together.

Tomorrow night: I clean the living room--or start on it, at least.

Heard on a documentary played on The History Channel a few days ago, covering the history of the Papacy.

Jesu tibi sit gloria
Qui natus est de Virgine,
Cum Patre et almo Spiritu.
In sempiterna saecula.


Isn't that the worst when work is boring? I mean, even when you're horribly busy it's better than that mind-numbing boredom. Hope it picks up for you soon!


I hate being bored! There have been days when I almost fell asleep at my desk. Luckily, today (Wednesday) wasn't one of them.


Oops, hit "post" accidentally before I was done...

really, really want to be a blood donor (esp. since I'm 0 neg and therefore pretty useful), but my Hb and overall iron count is too low for them to let me. :-( (Note to self: TAKE those iron pills you've bought; they're not doing any good just sitting on a shelf in your medicine cabinet.)

Jesu tibi sit gloria...

I'm nowhere near Catholic, so I find it mildly disturbing that I understood all of that after all these years. Once a Latin geek, always a Latin geek. ;-)

Re: Oops, hit "post" accidentally before I was done...

I wish my blood pressure were as low when I go to see my doctor as it is when I go to donate blood. :P I keep telling her it's perfectly normal when I go to donate, but I don't know if she believes me. I think it must be anxiety spikes. I love talking to my doctor, but I never know if she's going to want to stick me with a needle or whatever. At least when I donate, I know what's going to happen.

Hey, if you'd rather not take iron pills, try eating raisins and drinking orange juice with them. It's at least tastier.

I understand about 85-90% of the Latin in that verse. 'tibi sit' and 'sempiterna' are unfamiliar.

You know, as a Latin geek, you could probably make scads of money by advertising yourself as a Latinist to Harry Potter fan fiction writers who need help with Latin words for spells. (g)