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Extrasolar Planet and Weirder Science

Professor Lupin's favorite solar system? GQ Lupi and its planet

The GQ Lupi system is about 400 light-years away from our solar system, in a region where new stars are being formed. The planet itself is very young and very hot, about 3,100 degrees F.

Interesting facts about the spring equinox. This could have fascinating implications for pagan magical workings which are equinox-dependent.

Experiments on Mouse Brains - Beta catenin makes a mouse brain enlarge and acquire folds in the cerebral cortex similar to those in a human brain.

TV: New episodes of Dog: The Bounty Hunter start tomorrow night at 8pm. Yea!

Oh, crap, I think that's the same time as House, MD. Waaaah! I so dislike the Victoria Gotti show that came on in Dog's usual time slot last week. I really was surprised that Dog was willing to do another season; I figured that having the TV crews shadowing him on his arrests might be annoying, to say the least. On the other hand, I also think Dog Chapman is a man with a message, and he may consider television to be the most effective means of getting it out.

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