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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Well, I've gone and done it. I bought the imperialsecrets.org domain plus hosting, and I'll buy the .com version of it, once Caroline, the former Imperial Secrets webmistress, releases it to me.

I thought this day would never come.

I don't know if it will be possible to resurrect the game; quite likely, there is no possibility of resurrecting the entirety of it. But at least the site will be there. At least we can still access the information, if we want. Maybe something of the old game can be revived.

Some of us have been talking on L-Isle@yahoogroups. I'm noticing that a lot of us found the game harder to play, once our characters achieved high rank. I wonder if a new game could be started that doesn't use the rank system?

Suse--Do you still have any of those files that you harvested, or do you know what I must do to get them?

IMS was too good a game to just let it die like a punk.

Current Mood: determineddetermined

I've had a look through the files I saved down when I started work on the IMS website.

It's kind of hard to tell quickly what I've got and what I haven't because I only got some of the stuff out of text file and into html files. I know that I haven't deleted anything so I still have whatever I told you I saved way back when.

I'll upload it somewhere tonight and give you links so you can run through what's there and what's not.

If you still like the sample site layout I'm happy to finish it, by the way.

Link to the sample site, with some pages already set up and linked in: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/spudboy1/ims/

Links to directories of the site, so you can look directly at what's not been linked or formatted yet.


I honestly can't remember if I failed to find information on the other isles or whether someone else said they already had the archives of them.

Anyway that's what I've got, I'll leave it in your hands as to whether you want me to do any more work on it at all.

Suse--*faints* Bless you! Thank you so much!

If you really do still want to finish the site, that would be neat! I'll work on uploading the pages to the ims.org site.


Yes, sure, I have no problem finishing the site if you're happy with the layout, etc. Give me a few days to refresh my mind on it, since it's been so long since I even thought about IMS, and I'll start work on it.

I'll need someone else with more overall knowledge of the other realms apart from L'Isle to look and see if anything important is missing though.

Let me first find out how much of the website people acctually want reconstructed. I've noticed that those of us who are talking about a revival are all from L'Isle. If L'Isle is the only Isle that comes back right away, we might not need to reconstruct the pages for the other six Isles yet.


That's fine.

I'll work on splitting up the text files from the google dumps for L'Isle for the time being. (I think Aeros was pretty much done first for the sample site.)

He knows you're no longer in the game, but...

My apologies for butting in, Mrs. Pears, but would you mind passing along this note to Taseh?


Dear Taseh,

How does one offer a proper marriage proposal among the In'ree?




Re: He knows you're no longer in the game, but...

He says a decent dowry is essential: horses are preferable.

He suggests there's probably people such as Burkedei who ought to give their blessing as well.

Oh, and there's the small matter that she said she wouldn't marry anyone who couldn't equal her in combat. But she might be willing to consider that already proven :)

Re: He knows you're no longer in the game, but...

*ponders a moment*

Equal her in combat...Hm. Would that be before or after Erlik Khan moved in? *winks and then makes plans to visit Burkedei*

Re: He knows you're no longer in the game, but...

Ilena: "Let's just handle this the formal way."

*squares up for combat*

*trips and falls the second the fight commences*

"Darn," Ilena said, from the ground, looking up at Myradin. "Looks like you win."

Can you drop me a line and tell me where I need to report files that I don't have?

So far I have discovered that I don't have the article for Calpysa - Geography - Mayston or Calypsa - Geography - Star Crossing and I'd rather ask anyone who might have a copy for them as I find them, rather than making a big list at the end.