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When RP Meets Religion

Last night, I decided to buy an athame.

For any of you who don't know what this is, it is a ritual knife meant for use in Wicca rituals. It symbolizes the male aspect of a person, as the chalice symbolizes the female aspect, and it must never shed blood. I have not been able to locate my athame since we moved into this house, which was, erm, several years ago. But since my coven's Spring Equinox ritual, I had decided that I really needed to get my altar together and do things properly, instead of in the make-do fashion I've been doing them. I have a job, now, and Mark and I are living alone in this house now, so I can bloody well do my home altar up right.

I looked up athames on Google and visited a place called Pagan Hearth. I found an athame there and made the supreme shopper's mistake of taking a look around. I discovered that PH also sells wands.

I'm not normally one to use a wand, because the ones commonly sold nowadays are encrusted with quartz crystals and beads and generally look ridiculous, to me. But PH has plain wooden wands in their selection. Among them, there's an ebony wand and a rosewood one. In SPH, my two main characters, Paul and Seth, had wands made of those woods. According to PH, an ebony wand symbolizes power, and a rosewood one symbolizes love. I was rather stunned, as these seemed awfully appropriate to me for those two characters.

I cannot resist serendipitous things I come across in real life which mirror or are appropriate to characters or stories I've written. When I encounter chance instances in which Life mirrors Art, I make note of them and/or sometimes buy them. I once bought a blue sweater because the Aerden part of me liked it. I'm weird; so sue me.

I only meant to buy an athame, but I am going to buy these wands now and incorporate them into my private worship. I might as well use the Paul and Seth aspects of my personality in ritual. They must be strong parts of me, because I devote so much energy to thinking about them I think they will give the ritual and the worship a focus that I do not currently have.

Technically, I no more need to use a wand than, say, Dumbledore does. But I think it would help me, at this point in the Wiccan part of my religious evolution, to be able to hold them in my hands and to think of love or of force of will when I use them. It will be interesting to find out what the outcome of this new practice of mine will be.

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