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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Regarding House MD's Internecine Manipulations

Dude, that new Chairman of the Board at the hospital is an unmitigated bastard.

That is all.

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Yup, definitely a real bastard.

I liked him much better on Boston Public... ;-P

Re: Yup, definitely a real bastard.

Was he the principal? I sonly saw one episode of that show. I have to say, the actor is very, very skilled.


Re: Yup, definitely a real bastard.

Yes, he played the principal (he does seem to end up in these authority roles, doesn't he?).

That was a good show. I was sorry it got yanked midseason, so there was no closure or anything. ;-P

Yes! So evil now! I knew I should have been watching more eps of this show! What is his problem with Dr. House? And the lady reminds me of someone...slinky movie-lady, name escapes me, argh...

House's first great sin was that he refused to wear a white lab coat when this board chairman told him to--thereby revealing to the chairman that House doesn't think much of him. In this latest episode, the guy told House that he had to fire one of his three subordinates within a week. The chairman then played mind-games with the three, pitting them against each other...It was unreal. Cicuta, Lucius, or Accia would probably be very impressed. (g)


Yes, Mom and I unanimously despise him. Good on the actor and the writers for making him so dispicable, though. That pleasant, genial smile while he's manipulating everything to his satisfaction....

I know! And his opening speech sounded so heartwarming and sincere! I was actually stunned when House told Wilson what the guy was really up to.


So I shouldn't be channeling ER's Romano with Luc Mataranzo, but this guy? Hmm. Gotta check out this series.


No, go ahead and channel Romano for Luc. This guy Volger on House, MD is manipulative to the nth degree and apparently has some sort of dominance issue. He has the money; therefore, he thinks he ought to be able to control everything, even petty things. Dr. House, being his usual misanthrope self, isn't standing for it.


Kris--On the other hand, if you do decide to channel the board chairman for Luc...let me know! (g)