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Today's Update and Outrage of the Week

Work: Relatively busy, today. I stapled and collated handouts for a seminar in Austin that some of our caseworkers are going to attend this weekend. I also learned how to prepare the work schedule for the referral caseworker of the day and for the back-up receptionist on duty. The schedules are pretty simple to do; they just involve using an Excel spreadsheet and changing names and dates around, each moonth. The trick is to make up the new schedule early enough in the month so that all changes can be finalized before the new month begins.

Outrage of the Week:
So--Today, I went into the women's room after quitting time and headed for my favorite stall. It's my favorite because if offers more elbow room than the others. Anyway, just before I stepped in, I noticed that A. The toilet seat was covered in toilet paper and B. The toilet had not been flushed--and it really needed to have been. :P I flushed it all, did my thing, and came back out to wash my hands. I discovered that someone had used the hot water but then had not bothered to clean up the splatters of sink water all over the countertop, even though a length of clean, dry paper toweling lay nearby.

I do not get this. Was the toilet seat going to be dirtier than what this woman had to wipe off of herself? How can someone be so paranoid about cleanliness that they'll drape the seat in TP, yet leave the sink and the toilet filthy? What is the matter with people like this? Sheesh!

TV: Tonight, I look forward to watching my usual House, MD, Dog, Crossing Jordan, and Cold Case Files. I might forego Files, though; we'll see.

Schiavo: Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder, Jesse Jackson shows up. The cognitive dissonance is killing me. I would like for Mrs. Schiavo to be allowed to live, but I so can't stand Jesse Jackson. This should be, er, interesting.

Silliness: I've discovered it's the Paul Graves part of me that insists on straightening the columns of in-out buttons on the magnetic board at my office. This is the same obssession with precision that made him so godawful picky about his journal layout. 'Forward' and 'Back' would not do for him. Oh, no. Paul had to have 'Previous' and 'Subsequent.' I swear, even Aerden is not that picky!

Books: I've ordered Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior by Brick and Erickson, along with John Adams: Party of One by James Grant, and Drake & Drake's Pharmaceutical Word Book 2005.

Wicca: Now I need to buy an athame. Also, good news! We're doing The Chocolate Ritual for Beltane or Midsummer!

*looks at entry* Gawd, anyone who doesn't know me would probably thimk I'm insane, the way I constantly reference my characters... I really must stop that, but I doubt I will.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: tardive dyskinesia - repetitive, purposeless, involuntary movements sometimes seen in patients who must take psychoactive medication. Treatment is individualized, usually involving a reduction of the medicine dosage. Sometimes, however, this is not possible because of the severity of a patient's mental illness.

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