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Thursday, Already!

Work: Work is going to be slooow, tomorrow. Since it's Good Friday, most of the staff will be taking the day off. I know of only one client who is coming in to see her counselor, and there's at least a chance that we might get permission to leave at noon. I hope that comes through. Will keep my fingers crossed.

I've been asked to speak on a panel to a group of children, aged 9-12, about my work and job search experiences. All of these children have some sort of visual impairment. Frankly, if I were one of these kids, I could think of a lot more fun things to do on a Saturday than listen to someone talk to me about their job. But I guess it's along the lines of 'Take your Children to Work' Day. It should be very interesting, and I was quite surprised and flattered to be asked to speak.

Besides, maybe I can get some of them hooked on medical transcription. Yes, I am devious... (g)

One of our clients came in today with the biggest German Shepherd Seeing Eye dog I've ever seen. He said the dog stands about 30 inches at the shoulder. He's a beautiful dog, too! And he's got the Sphinx look down pat.

Writing: Tonight, I'm going to work on a scene that's been burning a hole in my mind for no apparent reason. It's just two people standing on a balcony, one of whom checks and balances the power of the other, somehow. One of them is not a nice man. I mean, I liked Paul Graves, even at his most evil, more than I like this one character, yet this new character would regard a group like the Death-Eaters with contempt. Very strange.

Not a whole lot else is happening in my life. It seems I am allowed to send emails from work; I just can't surf the Web at sites unrelated to my job. Being able to send the occasional email is a godsend, because the telephones can be very slow at my office, and I'm doing nothing else, at the moment. I'm told they'll start giving more things to do soon, though.

See you later!

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