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Outrage of the Week - Six Days Without Food or Water

Yes, this is about the Schiavo case, so if you're sick to death of reading opinions about that, you can skip this entry.

Terry Schiavo's parents are running out of appeals, and it is driving me crazy.. Very few people among the judiciary appear to be willing to do a damned thing to save this woman's life.

I was listening to John Gibson on the Tony Snow radio show summarizing the latest court decision. Granted, he did not quote directly from the decision, and I am not a lawyer. It may be that my opinion in this is not worth the pixels used to communicate it. But then, that can be said for a lot of opinions which appear on the Web. Anyway...

Given what Gibson read over the air, I begin to wonder if the problem is not so much that the judiciary doesn't care, but perhaps instead that the parents of Terry Schiavo are asking for the wrong thing.

According to Gibson, the 11th Circuit Court's opinion was that the Schindlers' rights in this matter had received an adequate hearing throughout the appeals process, so far. I have to agree, given that summary, that it is true; they have appealed and appealed and appealed. This case has been heard many times. I don't think anyone can doubt that the Schindlers have had an adequate airing of their case before the courts.

But I wonder if perhaps they should be asking for something else. Perhaps they should simply ask that their daughter be given rehabilitation therapy before any further move is made to end her life.

I would think that a husband who truly loved his wife and who truly had a care for her well-being would agree to this perfectly reasonable request, particularly if the parents were to assume financial responsibility for such treatment. From what I have read, from people who were directly giving Terry Schiavo medical care, her husband expressly forbade them from doing any sort of rehabilitation therapy, against the orders of Terry's physician.

Yet this is the person who has legal guardianship of her. If she were a child, this would be deemed child abuse, and his custody rights would be revoked.

This whole situation just makes me sick inside. Maybe I'm wrong, but from the way it looks to me, I think this woman is being slowly murdered before our eyes, and there doesn't seem to be a damned thing that anybody can or will do to stop it. I have very great admiration for all of those who have tried to do something.

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