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Second Workday at the Office of the Blind

Work: Our office is so neat! It has three 'secret' entrances, and the building has a secret elevator, for which I thank the gods, because the public elevator is slooow.

Okay, so it's the freight elevator, probably. It looks awfully nice inside, for a freight elevator. And it's fast.

Apparently, the Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services uses a different kind of intranet than the Parole division does. Our office email system uses Outlook, and I can apparently send messages to people who are not State of Texas employees. So I can email Mark from work. Yea! I won't be doing any surfing that is not related to work, but at least I can send and receive email, within reason.

Tomorrow I have new-hire orientation, so I'll be out at the HR office all day. I checked my vacation accrual rate, and if I read it correctly, I should be entitled to accrue 11 hours of Annual Leave each month. Yippee! They've gone a bit chintzy on their longevity pay; when I first started with the State in 1990, you earned $7 extra per month, for each year of employment, until your monthly total equaled $210. So, with ten years of employment, you'd be earning $70 extra per month. Now, the way they do it is that you earn an extra $20 for every three years of employment. This means that, with 10 years of service, I will now be getting $60 extra a month.

On the other hand, given a choice between that and no salary per month, I'll take it. (g)

They have extended the longevity pay, though. Now, nstead of the cut-off being at 30 years of service, it goes to 42 years, so that the highest amount of longevity pay an employee can receive per month is $280. They're clearly betting that they will save money in the long run, because most employees won't stay with the state for an entire 42 years.

I can tell that this place is going to be bad for my waistline. There's a little snack shop downstairs, whose proprietor makes delicious breakfast tacos. And she sells bear claw pastries. *whine*

Good news--After six months, I might have the option to change my work schedule. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they might allow me to work 7am-4pm, M-F. I so do not like going home in the dark.

Blast from the past--My friend Clint called today while I was at work! I used to go out with him, years ago, and I was able to get his phone number. That was so neat!

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: oligomenorrhea - Scanty and brief menstrual periods more than six weeks apart. I'm sure there are some women who would love to have that condition, but I think it would freak me out too much.

House Bedlam: Tonight is our friend Tom's birthday. He wants to go out to a restaurant he hasn't named yet and is riding the bus over here now. This should be an adventure.

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