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NaNoWriMo, etc.

I thought I'd come in for a quick update. I am behind on my Nanowrimo. I'm at 22400 words, at the moment, and I should be about 10,200 words ahead of that. But at least I'm continuing to work at it, which is better than I did, last year.

Events in the story are moving a bit better, now! I realized that I needed to give Aerden some kind of nemesis throughout the book, and the Dr. Romano clone that I had intended to work against him in that way isn't going to be able to provide the impetus that I need him to provide. So I decided to have Aerden be aware of the Big Baddie all throughout the book, instead of just at the end. I also decided that he'll be in telepathic contact with his fiancee throughout the book, so that his devotion and fidelity to her for ten years after she goes into a 'coma' doesn't seem so very far-fetched.

Both of those factors help a lot. They give the story a personal hook that it badly needed.

Other News: Mark's father remarried, this past weekend! My new step mother-in-law's name is Sue, and she is a wonderful, lovely lady. :) I am so happy for them both, I could burst! Dad has been pretty lonely since Mark's mother died, two years ago. I am so glad he has someone to be happy with, again. ::beams::

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