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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]

I've had Simon & Garfunkel's song, "Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine" running through my head for two days!

Help. Me. (g)

Current Mood: crazycrazy
We All Wanna Know...

Chantal, we just have to know, DO all the hippies seem to get the jump on you? And if so, why?

Well there's no need to complain,
We'll eliminate your pain.
We can neutralize your brain.
You'll feel just fine now...

::grin:: Shall I drag out all my old Sable Weyr bounder filks? :)

Re: We All Wanna Know...

Dave--There are bounder filks??!

Please do!

Speaking of Sable, have you seen Sandra or Cheryl, lately? If you have, how are they doing?


Re: We All Wanna Know...

In the clearing stands a bounder.
He's a predator; that's his trade.
But he carries a reminder
Of every time they laid him down and boinked him
Til he cries out in his anger and his shame
"I will kill them I will eat them!"
But the bounder still remains.
(boink boink boink boink boink boink boink...)

-- The Bounder
(to the tune of S&G's The Boxer)

::grin:: There's more, and others. If I manage to dig them out I'll post them on my LJ.

Cheryl got divorced, don't know -what- happened to Sandra. I haven't spoken with any of that crowd in many a year. I still pull out my old FoFs every now and again for a laugh, though. God, I miss that bunch.

Re: We All Wanna Know...

*screams, then falls out of chair, laughing*

Oh my God, that's funny! :D