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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love the Google St. Patrick's Day logo. They did a similar thing for the Olympics, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Very neat!

My copy of the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual arrived today, so I will stop whining about it, now. (g)

I baked cookies to take to work tomorrow. The folks at the Lighthouse have been among the very nicest people I have ever worked with, and I wanted a way to tell them thank you. Since we're going to see a play tonight, I had to do it this afternoon. :P

The play we're seeing is a one-woman show called Bad Dates. It's a comedy about a single mother from Texas who moves to New York for some unfathomable reason and apparently dates a lot of strange men. (g) Looking forward to it.

Writing: I did some more work on The Curse of Avriet and found surnames of Frency doctors that I can use. I'll be adding the names of Roussy, Achard, Bravais, and Charcot to the list of grandes familles. I worked a few more things out about the culture, which was nice.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: pure agraphia - An acquired inability to write, resulting from a lesion or infarct in the superior or inferior areas of the brain's dominant (usually left) parietal lobe. This is agraphia in which the patient cannot write. There is another kind of agraphia, in which the patient can take dictation but cannot produce original writing. There's also musical agraphia.

I first became aware of this medical condition from reading about a former librarian of the abbey from The Name of the Rose, who was identified as 'Abbas Agraphicus.'

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