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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Just a quick update

I'm up to 14,292 words in Ealdru, which means I'm a day behind. ::sigh:: The weekend has been very busy. Yesterday, we went down to Clear Lake for gaming, and today, Mark and I went with my parents to the Texas Renaissance Festival. When we got back, I was too exhausted to do anything but fall into bed. I'm not as tired, now, but I still don't veel much like writing, though I suspect I'll probably get a little more done.

I'm in Chapter 4, now! Rowena's brain has been fried after she put a valiant struggle to avoid it. Aerden is Not Happy. And I've discovered how difficult is is to write a grief scene when it's between two guys, instead of a grief-stricken guy and a woman who doesn't mind being cried on.

Chapter 5 will probably take place in Carmallon General Hospital and the Northwood Hospice. In either Ch. 5 or 6, Aerden will decide to transfer to Northwood permanently.

Chapter 7 might start the 'ten years later' part. In that chapter, Aerden will learn that the Hospice's directorship is open, and he'll apply for the job. At this point, I think I'll have the annoying Dr. Dreslowe rear his ugly head again.

::sigh:: And I am talking about a whole lot of things here that are utterly meaningless to anyone but me, at the moment, and the folks in the sr-nanowrimo group. Ah well....

I am so tired, but I want a big mug of Earl Grey and am not really interested in dinner. Oh--and a shower. I need a shower. Zzzz....

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "You Can't Take the Sky from Me" - TV show Firefly

I'm a day behind, too. :sigh: My characters are in a "pirate city" and about to head off across the ocean, but unfortunately I know nothing about sailing. But then again my main character is from the desert, so she probably doesn't either, I can play it off that way maybe.:grin:

Story progress

Jenn--That should work! Your character would have no idea what the fo'csle or the mainmast are, so if you describe them as 'a bunch of sails, ropes, and masts,' it should work out all right. And if your character has no idea what 'tacking' is, there's no need to get into it. Your character can just be glad that the crew 'know how to make the boat go where it needs to.' (g)

A big mug of Earl Grey, what a wonderful idea. :-) I think I'll follow your example...

Re: Earl Grey

That is wonderful tea, isn't it? I like it with creamer and sugar. I've heard of people drinking it plain, but it tastes awful to me, that way.

Re: Earl Grey

Earl Grey's one of my favourites. And I always take mine with milk and sugar - otherwise, it tastes just... ick. The sugar I can do without in a crunch, but never the milk...

Just a happy, encouraging "I hope you've caught up! Good luck!" thought! =D

I, on the other hand, have gotten even more behind. I'm going to try to write for an hour, but then I'm heading to bed. Which means I'll probably end up 1.5 days behind tonight. ARgghh! I've been trying to catch up,but it's SO hard. ugh! I did get two papers for my English class written tonight though. So that's something tangible for me--I didn't just waste my time playing Spyro the Dragon. :grin:


You know, it's too bad that the word count in your English papers can't count. You did write, just not on your Nano project.


I'm still behind. I had a block at Chapter 5. I wrote 'Chapter 5' on the page, and then I just started at it for a while and couldn't think of anything to put there that wouldn't be crap. So I have skipped to Chapter 7, which happens ten years after the beginning of the book. That is helping some. So far, I've done a whopping total of 400 some-odd words, today. ::double sigh::

See you later!

Writer's block

How I well know the feeling - I experienced the same thing at the beginning of the chapter I'm currently writing. I think I have redone it about five times - and for some completely incomprehensible reason, I feel I can't move on until I've got at least some kind of acceptable beginning, even though I have the rest of the chapter pretty well pinned down. Otherwise, I have no problems skipping forward a bit until the block dissipates, but not this time...

Fortunately, I don't have any deadlines to keep (well, I did tell one of my few readers at ff.net - the USAF guy - that I'd try to get the new chapter up before the end of the month, but that's it) - but getting absolutely nowhere is frustrating even so... <:-(

Re: Writer's block

I hate writer's block. And not doing NaNoWriMo for two days is bad, because you have to write about 1700 words (5 pages or so) each day, and it's hell to catch up.

If you ever find a book by Donald Maas called, Writing the Breakout Novel, it is a very good writing tool and gives excellent advice for how to look at your story and correct its flaws. I'll be going over Ealdru in December, working by its principles and revising massively.

I hope they sell that in Sweden, because it's very useful. If you can't find it there, you should be able to get it via Amazon.com, though.

Re: Writer's block

Thanks for the tip; I believe should be able to find it in some on-line bookstore over here, they're usually suprisingly good. In either case, I'll be sure to look for it - I'm grateful for all (constructive, non-patronising) advise I can get...