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And It's Another Fine Monday!

My last Monday as a medical transcriptionist, for the foreseeable future. *sobs*

On the bright side, I've begun looking for part-time positions at MT Jobs. So far, I haven't seen anything accepting experience of less than two years, but my boss says she sees some beginner-level offers sometimes, so I'll keep looking.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: But I learned a lovely new drug name, today: Iressa. It's used to treat non-small cell lung cancer. Doesn't it just sound like something out of a fantasy novel, either the name of the heroine or the name of her country? Iressa...*sighs happily*

Why I Love Paul Graves (Even though I'm not playing him much, at the moment): Today on the bus, coming home from work, I was thinking about last week's episode of Cold Case Files, which was rather gruesome. Suddenly, this thought popped into my head: "It is a beautiful day, is it not?"

That broke me right out of my mood and made me laugh. The thought was mine, but the grammar was all Paul's. I hope I don't seem too insane for saying that.

Do--Or Do Not: I side with Yoda on this issue. Another thing I thought about on the bus was a friend of mine who argues that there is or should be such a thing as 'try.' She argues, if I remember correctly, that an unsuccessful attempt still has value. I think maybe she is confusing trying and doing. To me, trying, for example, to hit a baseball with a bat is doing. You may be crap at it, but you don't let that stop you. You still go out there and swing at that ball. It is the difference between swinging at the ball and missing, or being a couch potato on the sidelines who doesn't ever swing because you don't think you can succeed. To me, success is immaterial. You went out there and gave it all you had.

On the other hand, it's a hard point to argue, because Luke did succeed in getting his fighter out of the mud of Dagobah with his belief in the Force. I think belief in yourself can allow you to accomplish a great many things, but it's still not going to allow an above-the-knee amputee to become a ballet dancer. But dooing as much ballet as you can, , if you love that, despite lacking a leg, means you did it. As long as it wasn't a half-assed job, you did not try; you did. I hope that's not lowering Yoda's standards, and I hope it is what he meant. I would be curious to find out.

To me, it means, "Take charge of your life. You make the decisions. You are the one who decides whether you're going to fail or succeed. You are the one who decides whether you're going to live your life or just exist in it."

Atlanta Gunman: I'm scratching my head, here. From the news reports, this sheriff's deputy who brought Burt Nichols into the courtroom was about my height and 30 pounds lighter than I am--and she brought this guy into the courtroom alone, when he is something like six feet talll and weighs twice as much as she does.

Good God. No wonder he knocked her flat! What were they thinking, to allow her to be the only person there to restrain him? Come on, people, there's this thing called mass.

Texas Politics: Kinky Friedman for Governor! Yes, you heard that right. Kinky Friedman (of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys--band musician and mystery author) intends to run for governor of Texas in 2006. Never, ever say that Texas politics is boring. *eats popcorn and watches the show*

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