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It's Almost Friday!

Transcription Work: When my boss told me that she would be willing to have me work part-time for the Lighthouse when there is overflow work, she let me know that I would need to purchase a C-phone, so I could receive the reports needing to be typed. I told this to my family, and they said they would assist me in getting the device.

Then I found out how much a C-phone costs. *choke!*

I went to Transcription Gear and discovered that a C-phone like the ones at my office would cost $795 at the discounted price. The regular price is $885!

Needless to say, I'm going to put my foot down when I talk to my parents. We go halvsies on this.

My brother-in-law Blake sent me the contact information for an acquaintance of his who does transcription in Denver, as well as the URL of the company this man works for. It is called Spheris. It looks like a very good company; however, they want their employeess to have at least a year of experience, and I only have five months. :P

That's why I'm hoping to do part-time work for the Lighthouse, so I can at least get a year's experience, even if it's part-time. Unfortunately, the people who have contracted with the Lighthouse are not sending in much work at the moment; I don't know if they're just giving us their overflow, or what. The slowness is forcing our people to take days off because there is no work for them to do. If they stay at work when there is nothing coming in, the line count typed, when compared to the on-the-clock time, makes them look inefficient. So now, when there's no work, they have to go home early. That sucks, because it means their paychecks are smaller. It will actually be a good thing for them when I leave, because they will get the work that I am currently typing.

Obviously, however, that doesn't bode well for my chances of getting any part-time work with them, and my boss regretfully told me so--though I had already figured that out. At least one of my current co-workers is looking for work elsewhere now, and a second one is considering it. Yesterday, five out of the nine of us were asked to take today and Friday off. *shakes head*

I will keep looking for part-time transcription employment, though. I fell in love with it, and I want to do more. I refuse to let the past five months be the only time in my life when I will ever have been able to do this work. It's like telling Jordan Cavanaugh that she can't do autopsies, anymore. Fat chance. (g)

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: tophi - chalky, gritty deposits of uric acid crystals, which accumulate in the soft tissues of patients with gout.

Background Tileage: I had my very first requests for custom background tiles in wallpaper_tiles, Tuesday! It was great because, in the process of filling one request, I learned how to do something new in Paint Shop. That Color Dropper/Replacer tool is a Neat Thing.

USS Charleston: I really need to buy myself a copy of the Starfleet Medical Manual and read it from cover to cover. I think I'll order it now. My Bajoran doctor character (former Resistance) might be getting mixed in with some Cardassians who want to see the Cardassian Union rise again. That should be fun. *cough*

(Later): Holy frijoles! The only place where I've found a copy of the Starfleet Medical Manual so far is at the website of a fan memorabilia collector. I can't believe there's not a single former Trekker out there who has sent his Medical Manual to Half-Price. It is totally not showing up in the used book searches. I'm astounded. I mean, I once held a copy of this book in my hands, when I was 15 or so. If I'd had any brains, I'd have bought it then.

Edit: It's so annoying to have (I thought) carefully proofread this entry before posting it, and then still find typos. Grrr! How is anybody to believe I'm competent at my job, when I post badly-typed stuff and then have to proof it two or three times?

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